Treat Your Curly Hair Properly with These Tips!


Everyone has different hair types from one to another. There is someone who has wavy, straight and curly hair. The difference is from the hair that hangs down. These kinds of hair have different treatments too. In its own care, the one with curly hair should treat it well to prevent the curly hair from being too puffy. Because if the hair too puffy, it will be difficult to set and can disturb your appearance. Well, here's an explanation on how to treat curly hair so as not to puff, among others:

1.Let your hair dry alone

The first way to treat curly hair so that it does not puff is to let the hair dry by itself. Usually, after finish shampooing you will dry your hair by using towel. The goal is to dry the hair so quickly so that your clothes are not getting wet due to the water that drips off the hair. Let dry hair itself without the need to be dried by using a towel to prevent it from being puffy.

2. Keep the hair moist

Keep the curly hair moist can also prevent the hair to puff. Moisture for the hair is useful to overcome the rough and branched hair. So the best way to keep the curly hair moisturized is to always soften the hair after shampooing. Conditioner is recommended for damping hair.

3. Clean your hair regularly

The third way to prevent curly hair from being puffy is to clean the hair regularly. Hair cleansing is recommended at least twice a week. The goal is to clean the dust and dirt that sticks on the hair and scalp. You can clean the hair by using shampoo products that match your hair.

4. Protect the hair

There are activities that can be done outside the room which can make the hair quickly damaged. For example, curly hair can become puffy if it is not protected. Especially, when you are being outside the home, the exposure to sunlight can change the shape of the hair to expand. That's why when you are doing activities outside the home, you should use a hat that can protect the hair.

5. Do not use shampoo

Some people are simply not suitable to use shampoo in cleaning their hair. Some of them prefer not to use shampoo at all. Because shampoos that are not suitable for hair can cause curly hair so quickly to be puffy. If it is like this, it is better not to use the shampoo at all.